• Technical & Practical Roles   

    This is an area that has proven to be the breeding ground for many of our successful people working across Pedders today. Roles include:


    • Workshop Technicians
    • Delivery Drivers
    • Workshop Hands
    • Store Persons
    • Process Workers
  • Store and Warehouse Management

    These roles are the internal and external customer-facing frontline leaders of our business:


    • Store Management
    • Assistant Store Management
    • Warehouse Management
    • Assistant Warehouse Management
  • Product and Operational

    Knowledgeable and experienced, our product and operational management functions serve to keep Pedders at the top of our industry. These roles include:


    • Research and Development
    • Franchise Ownership
    • State Sales & Operations Management
    • Regional Area Management
  • Corporate and Head Office

    Pedders corporate and head office roles are based in Melbourne, Australia and include roles across the following areas:


    • Finance and Administration
    • Human Resources
    • Purchasing and Logistics
    • IT and General Management